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"Promise me you will write our story," Becky asked Roy one day as she battled stage IV lung cancer. This book is a result of that promise.

In July 2012, after a short episode of a minor yet persistent cough, Becky's diagnosis took everyone by suprise.

Follow along as Roy, working as an ER nurse at the time, learns about patient care from the other side of the hospital bed. In 'Broken Glass', Roy shares his research and relentless fight to help his wife battle to beat an invisible enemy: Cancer. Follow his struggle to keep life as normal as possible for their two boys while honoring his ongoing commitment to Becky.

Roy and Becky's journey is one of love, life, happiness, and how four words changed everything: Stage Four Lung Cancer.

Many of us know someone who has battled cancer in the past. Some made it, some did not. You may even know someone who is facing this challenge right now. This story is a must read for all whose lives have been impacted by cancer. Roy's hope is that each reader will find strength, hope, and support in reading Becky's story.


Broken Glass

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