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Meet the Founder & Speaker

Roy Slootheer, born in the Netherlands, was set for a mission to help others at a young age. Right after high school, he continued his education and pursued a degree in psychology. Later he found himself working for a large financial organization advising others about their financial needs. In 1995 he was offered a career in the USA and left the Netherlands.  After several years working in the insurance & financial planning industry, he was determined to pursue his mission to help others and made a career change into the medical field. Currently he has been working as a medical professional helping those in need of medical assistance.  He also obtained his degree in Psychology here in the USA after which he pursued his medical degree to become a medical provider. 

In July 2012 his wife Becky was diagnosed with stage IV lung-cancer. After a 13 month long and brutal battle, Becky passed away; leaving Roy and their two young boys behind.  He was now facing to deal with his own grief and that of his boys. His strength comes from persistence and commitment to provide for those in need of help. For many years he has served and continues to be a useful source for those seeking inspiration, help, or advice.  He finally decided to own that role and determined it was imperative to help others on a larger scale. He started to write about his passions, his thoughts, his experiences, and advise to those that are in need of healing and guidance while trying to cope with grief.

Roy founded Cope With Grief based on the mission to give to others, to help those in need, and to direct them onto a path of healing and recovery.  He determined that the only way to impact many is through larger events such as seminars and round-table discussions and work-shops.  

Roy is the author of several books that are currently still in the works. Within the next several months he plans to finalize his guide how to cope with the loss of a loved one, "Cope with Grief". This guide includes his unique and personal discovered stage of grieving 'The Perpetual Stage of Grieving'.

His book that helps those facing grief while having small children and how to help them with their loss, "I am a parent - I don't have time to grieve";

his unique discovery and ground-breaking theory about the interactions of souls and why they connect, how they intertwine with each other and how the loss of a loved one will scar the soul for eternity with intense pain in "Soul-Connections"; 

and his biography that focuses on the time from when Becky was diagnosed with cancer till the moment she passed in, "Broken Glass" (end of 2019).

All his work can be pre-ordered and Roy will sign the book when ready with a personal message.

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