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What is the Cope Seminar about: A quick overview.

The "Cope with Grief seminar" is especially designed for people that are trying to deal with the pain and the grief of the passing of a loved one. This could be any person: spouse, child, parent, friend, or soul-mate. There is no predetermined time-frame on how long this pain might last; everyone has different coping mechanisms. This seminar is set up for any person that wants to get a better understanding on how to cope with grief or how to help an other person to cope with grief.

The unique set-up of the "Cope with Grief seminar" will provide for the best possible approach and outcomes for those attending. The are two options:

Option 1 - Full-Seminar:

The full seminar is two days - Saturday and Sunday. We have chosen the weekend so most people can attend and do not have to worry about taking time off from work. On Saturday we will start at 8:30am and normally the first day will come to a close around 4:30pm with a lunch-break from 11:30am till 1:00pm. There will be some interaction with the audience on this first day, but is limited due to time-restraints.

The second day will start at 9:00am and will last till 4:00pm. There will also be a lunch break at 12:00pm till 1:00pm. The second day has a round-table set up where people will sit in groups of about 10 people at one table and will be completing workshop assignments. This setup is more individualized and participation of audience is imperative to get the most out of this work-shop day. The cost for the full seminar is $349 (at the door) or $319 if ordered 3 months in advance. Limited seating - reserve seats as soon as possible to guarantee your seat and lower price.

Option 2 - One day seminar:

For those who only want to attend the first day of the seminar (on Saturday) this is a great option to obtain valuable information and ways to Cope with Grief. The cost for the one-day seminar is $159 (at the door) or $139 if tickets are ordered 3 months in advance of the seminar. Limited seating - reserve seats as soon as possible to guarantee your seat and lower price.


The cost for Break and/or Lunch are not included in the seminar prices. Breakfast and Lunch is on your own cost.

Overnight stay:

For those who are coming from out of town and wish to stay overnight at the hotel, we will negotiate a special price for rooms while attending the seminar.

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